Lance Sijan Memorial Bracelet

Lance Sijan Memorial Bracelet from While overseas, at the end of summer, I was walking back from the chow hall, when I ran into our Chief. After some chatting, he brought up the name Lance Sijan. He told me about how he had a strange experience on Amazon where he had ordered the book,Into […]

JP Magazine Review

I was at CVS a few days ago and I was walking past the magazine rack when this JP Magazine caught my eye. I saw the Jeep and I stopped to pick it up. I did a casual flip through all the pages like anyone does when they pick up a magazine and right away, […]

First Steps To Wealth by Dani Johnson

I had never heard of Dani Johnson before in my life. I became a beachbody coach and one of the things that you learn as a beachbody coach is that you need to invest time into personal development. If you know me then you already know that even before becoming a beachbody coach, Personal Development […] Mini Cards Review


I recently got my shipment of Mini Cards and I wanted to take the time to write up a quick review about them. Simply AMAZING! I love them so much that as much as I am excited to give them out and spread the word about me and my blog that I almost selfishly […]