Derogatory Mark?

Credit karma sent me an email today “you’re not alone in this” view derogatory mark. I go to credit karma and Experian and neither one shows a derogatory mark? I have an 811 credit score. Every single one of my bills is on auto pay and I’ve never missed anything in over 10 years. I […]

Partner and I need to improve our credit scores to move.

**Edited, see edit below My partner and I both have bad credit. I’m 27, he’s 30. When we were much younger we both had Amazon credit cards that had super high credit limits, ($2,000) we were extremely irresponsible with them, and they’ve been in collections for years. We also both have one other credit card […]

Is this a good credit score?

Checked my capitol one credit wise and I currently have a 683 credit score. Now I don’t know if that’s my actual credit score but ill assume its in that range. Can I rent an apartment with a FICO 683 score? submitted by /u/blackmambasniper [link] [comments]

Apple Card to get a MacBook

Hello! Please explain it to me like I’m five because credit hurts my brain to understand. If I open an Apple Card account to get a MacBook and get the MacBook with the Apple Card, will that decrease my credit score (either FICO or vantage) by a lot? It offers monthly installments and while it […]

Old medical debt I’ve never received

Apologies if it’s been asked but I couldn’t find something like what I need. I hadnt looked at my report for years until recently and noticed an old medical debt, it’s small (165$) but really hurting my score. I called the hospital it’s from and they stated the bill was undeliverable which is why I […]

Pay for Delete offer from FCO

Sent Fair Collections and Outsourcing a pay for delete letter offering 20% and they just replied with an offer for about 80%. Do you think there is a chance to negotiate lower or should I bite the bullet? submitted by /u/HuntMelodic5769 [link] [comments]

Family taking out credit in my name!

Hi! I know there are endless posts like this in this sub. A family member of mine has done this. It’s been happening for years and Ive been disputing accounts like this (with success) since it was 17. Im now 22 and looking to get credit other than my student loans (~$12k subsidized). Can I […]