how to minimize the impact of regular hard inquiries

I deal with a lot of hard money lenders as a real estate investor. Almost all of them require credit pulls. As I have a constant need for new loans for short term projects, credit pulls will be a regular thing. Can you guys think of any way to reduce the impact of these? I […]

Need Some Advice and Motivation

My current credit score is around a 540 according to Experian. Garbage, I know. Ive had credit history for almost the last 2 years. I have 2 active cards with available credit of 5K. Both maxed out. I had 2 other cards closed out and both have a late payment. And 2 installment loans both […]

Feeling Guilt from Hard Inquiry due to car dealer impact on my feelings

Could you please help me understand why I still feel guilty about even a single hard inquiry on my credit report, despite having improved my credit score and gained a better understanding of my credit? I used to visit car dealers when I struggled with credit issues and not owning a car, and during those […]

lessor credit bureaus

I turned off or requested that LexisNexis stop reporting to the credit bureaus by turning off or requesting that these lesser credit bureaus not report via larger credit bureaus because I haven’t given them permission does this affect credit card applications moving forward in that they won’t be able to have the proper data to […]

history on experian different than others

I have an account that has a couple 60 day lates in 2018. Experian lists history back to 2017, which makes sense and its status is current was past due 60. Trans union and equifax only show its history back to 2019. Needless to say that the score on those two is way better than […]

credit inquiries

Is there a way to remove inquiries off your credit? before the 1-2 year waiting period.? submitted by /u/MasterM357 [link] [comments]

College Student Credit Card

I’m a college senior, and I have had my Discover IT student credit card for a bit now, and I’m looking into applying for different credit cards. Many say to look into Chase (Chase Freedom Flex and Unlimited), but I’m unsure what to get between those two. Any advice? submitted by /u/chrispy-nuggets [link] [comments]