how to segment based on acquisition

Hi! I was wondering if someone has an answer here. I want to do ads to different audiences that funnel into the one newsletter list but I want them autotagged based on the ad/audience I served. I’m still trying to figure out product/audience fit and don’t want all of my newsletter signups to just go […]

Klaviyo List not reflecting on Shopify Customer list

Hi all, I am new to Klaviyo and have recently created a “sign up form” for my shopify business. The sign up form is set for a single opt-in subscription to a newsletter as their sign up is exchanged for a free digital product. I have noticed that since changing to the single opt-in subscription, […]

How would I onboard a new ecom client?

I’m looking to offer freelance email marketing to ecom store owners. I’m feeling more confident with navigating Klaviyo. However, I have one big worry that’s stopping me from reaching out to clients: If I get a client who uses a different software (e.g. mailchimp), how would I onboard the client onto Klaviyo? Would I have […]

Abandoned Cart SMS dynamic product image

So I created an abandoned cart flow by importing the “added to cart” metric from my Shopify store. The emails in the flow automatically add the dynamic product image from the abandoned cart, while the SMS flows do not. I tried manually adding the same dynamic code from the email for SMS, but with no […]

Create Loop in flow

Hi I was looking for a solution to send automated emails until someone submit a form. There is a single email in the flow and i want to make a loop and a condition. If condition true any time that email go to exit otherwise whole list will keep receiving a certain reminder every week. […]