SEMrush Drip Campaign (SPEC)

I’ve included this SEMrush Drip Campaign (Spec) in my copywriting portfolio. I was wondering if anyone here could give me feedback on it? submitted by /u/PsychToWorld [link] [comments]

From name, sender address and deliverability

Hi everyone, I can’t seem to find anything on this subject, and I have learned quite a few things on this subreddit, so thought I wanted to ask here and see if I could learn some more. We have an account that has been used for approx 2½ years where we primarily use automations/journeys. The […]

Sendinblue Issue Please Help

For some reason my customers can’t reply to my SMS campaigns in SIB to opt out. How it works is I would usually receive a text opting out and the data would get pulled into a report so I could unsubscribe those customers. I’ve noticed this data is no longer coming through, sent myself a […]

What email marketing software is the best for new agencies?

I want to start an email marketing agency that would target small to medium businesses. I want to pick a good tool from the numerous that are out there and i want it to have the following characteristics: Good flow automation Email designer and variety of email templates and styles Custom reporting and in depth […]