Question about selling health products

So i want to sell this red light therapy device that heals body pains, I see that’s it’s selling on Amazon and it has pretty good reviews, I want to drop ship it but I was wondering if I’m able to sell something like this, would I get into any trouble? Will my ads get […]

Roast my Store, help!

2 months in red numbers, could you please help with an honest review and maybe provide some tips on what I could do to improve sales? submitted by /u/gueycito [link] [comments]

Is Live Shopping the TREND of 2023?

Hey all, Im sure you’ve seen it. Live shopping it’s everywhere, from companies like walmart all the way to mom & pop shops! What does the group think about the tech, who’s leading, what is the best preforming channel (live streaming, 1:1 Appointments, shoppable video). Look forward to hearing from everyone! submitted by /u/Remarkable-Pay-7441 [link] […]