[OTHER] Fiverr Updates, Week of Feb 14

Hi y’all!!! Here are the updates for this week: Request to Order Seller Plus Premium members can now set up a feature for buyers to “request to order” instead of purchasing directly from the Gig page. Once the buyer messages the seller, they can agree on pricing, scope, and delivery date for the seller to […]

[ADVICE] Buyer keep asking revision after completion

Hi guys, I’ve finished an order 20 days ago. The gig the buyer bought offered 9 revisions I made 15 without extra money since when I asked her she didn’t want to pay and want to cancel the order I didn’t want to go through the cancelation period. The review period is done and she […]

[ADVICE] Possible Shady Editor?

I do developmental editing on Fiverr. I’ve messaged back and forth with someone about possibly editing a book for them. The user seems to be an editor herself but doesn’t offer developmental editing. I did a free sample for her. Now she mentions that it’s not her book, it’s I guess a client’s book, and […]

[ADVICE] Fiverr learn

Do taking fiverr learn courses actually increase engagement? Are these courses worth what I feel is high $? submitted by /u/FloralMama [link] [comments]

[ADVICE] Is seller plus worth it?

My main gig is already ranking on the first page. I also have my promoted gigs on. But the problem is that I haven’t been getting a steady stream of work since December. I work as a mental health writer, been on the platform for 3 years now with 250+ 5-star reviews on my gig. […]

[DISCUSSION] Are other content writers also experiencing decreased work?

It feels like my account has gone numb since December. Or maybe it is because of ChatGPT? I’m a mental health writer and my gig appears on the first page. I haven’t increased my prices or anything, but the orders are nowhere as frequent as they were before. I charge $40 per 1000 words and […]

[ADVICE] Can I block people without affecting my response rate?

I only use Fiverr to sell my writing services, yet I get messages from people almost every day asking me for work or if I need data entry services. Can I just block them, or do I need to keep responding before blocking to not tank my response rate and time? submitted by /u/JessicaShackled [link] […]