Package with password

Today I got a package with a password and it was early in the morning I had to return it but the first time it comes out, I think that when you get a package like this and you see it before mounting it that it is on the route and it is early morning […]

How to contest a late forfeit over flat tire?

I’ve had the worst luck lately. Went to start my block today and had a screw stuck in my tire. I don’t live far from my station so even though I was attempting to leave early enough to get there 15 minutes early I still had to forfeit it about 30 minutes before my block […]

Mileage App

I just signed up for the flex drive and I was wonder what mileage app you all are using. Just need to get some ideas. submitted by /u/Borntwobang [link] [comments]

Beware of Dogs

Anyone else get bit by a dog on their route? I was bit last night for the very first time in my life while trying to deliver the package. It hurt like hell! submitted by /u/Far-Gas-378 [link] [comments]