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I have 1 full time job and 1 part time job. I try to pick up at least 1 or 2 flex shifts a week and if the time and price is right 3 or 4 to help pay for my kids college. The problem I am running into is my other 2 jobs I am “on call” and receive notifications and reports often. The notifications are not really important it is just easier to let them come in and deal with them later. When I am flexing often times I will get a notification from my other job and it blocks the screen and can be annoying and it is killing my battery. I found a cell company that offers 1gb of service a month for $100. Would this work for the amount of flex deliveries I do? I could use the data from my regular phone if needed sometimes. For my main phone I use an Iphone and would most likely get an older android device if I go this route. Do you see any problems with that. Most likely I would use the Iphone to schedule blocks and use the android for navigation and flex only. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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