Why bother competing? You were meant for so much more.

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Dont compete dominate

I am big fan of @GrantCardone. He is a pretty straight forward guy with a no BS approach to sales. He is a great motivator as well. If you have not seen any of his videos, you should. I just ran across this one:


I have not read his book about if you are not first you’re last yet, and honestly the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words, if your not first you’re last is Ricky Bobby from Taledega Nights. 🙂 But on a serious note. He makes a great point, the big brands that are out there and doing good things are not competing. I mean seriously, do you think Apple really competes? Of course not they come into a space and they own it. That same principle can be applied to every area of life. For the shy people that mean walking into the room and having your presence know and accepted because you went into the room and shook everyones hand and looked them in the eye as you tell them who you are. For the not so shy this might be the equivalent of hustling till you don’t have to introduce yourself but no matter what, we can all dominate. Sure you can’t be an Apple or Microsoft overnight, they didn’t get where they are overnight either. Sure you are going to fail and fail miserably at that but it’s not about how many times you fail it’s all about how many times you get back to the grind and keep going till you make it.  I don’t know about you but when I don’t know something and I can’t figure it out and I keep at it and slowly find the answer or the way to get a specific task done I feel so productive. We don’t know everything and we never will. My favorite quote of all time says that success is a journey, not a destination. It’s so true. We will never have “arrived”  at success. Sure we have accomplishments and jobs well done but success, like failure is an ongoing process for the rest of your life. 


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