Flood Watch issued March 26 at 8:53PM CDT until further notice by NWS

NOAA-NWS-ALERTS-IA125F4150EB84.FloodWatch.125F4153AAA4IA.DVNFFADVN.6f3d987d773e8a27cbc789666a01eb41 [email protected] 2020-03-26T20:53:00-05:00 Actual Alert Public Alert for Dubuque; Jackson (Iowa) Issued by the National Weather Service Met Flood Watch Future Moderate Possible SAME FLA 2020-04-01T13:00:00-05:00 2020-03-27T14:53:00-05:00 NWS QuadCities (Eastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois – Quad Cities) Flood Watch issued March 26 at 8:53PM CDT until further notice by NWS QuadCities …The National Weather Service in the Quad Cities has issued a Flood Watch for the following rivers in Iowa…Illinois… Mississippi River at Dubuque affecting Dubuque…Jackson and Jo Daviess Counties This Flood Watch is based on observed and predicted rainfall over the next 48 hours. At this time there is limited confidence associated with rainfall amounts and the location of predicted rainfall. If rainfall in the basin is less than predicted, the forecast river stage may not be reached. Conversely, if rainfall is more than predicted the river may crest higher. As the forecast becomes more certain, this watch will either be upgraded to a warning or cancelled. The National Weather Service in Quad Cities has issued a * Flood Watch for The Mississippi River at Dubuque * Until further notice. * At 8:30 PM Thursday the stage was 16.2 feet. * Flood stage is 17.0 feet. * Minor flooding is possible. * Forecast, Rise above flood stage Wednesday…and continue rising to 17.4 feet Thursday evening. * This forecast is based on routed flow from upstream in combination with forecast rainfall. Consequently there is limited confidence in the river reaching flood stage. && WMOHEADER UGC IAZ042-054-ILZ001 VTEC /O.NEW.KDVN.FL.A.0018.200401T1800Z-000000T0000Z/ /DBQI4.0.ER.000000T0000Z.000000T0000Z.000000T0000Z.OO/ TIME…MOT…LOC

Dubuque; Jackson 42.54,-90.6 42.35,-90.39 42.28,-90.46 42.47,-90.68 42.53,-90.68 42.54,-90.6 FIPS6 019061 FIPS6 019097 UGC IAZ042 UGC IAZ054

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