4 Influencer Marketing Groups You Should Know About

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Influencer Marketing Groups
In a world where so many people call themselves influencers, learn where you can find the best influencer marketing information.

There is no question that Influencer Marketing is powerful. What better way to reach people than by an already trusted audience, right? I curated four Influencer Marketing Groups you should know about below. So, let’s go over them, shall we?

1. Influencer Marketing by Tim Burd and AdLeaks

Influencer Marketing Groups

The Influencer Marketing group by Tim Burd and AdLeaks is just one of the many valuable groups that Tim Burd has founded. All the Ad Buyer Groups for Media Buyers across different platforms and then, of course, AdLeaks groups. Every single one of these groups is a treasure trove of value for marketers across the globe.

2. Influencer Marketing by Social Influencers

Influencer Marketing Groups

The Influencer Marketing group by Social Influencers is a newer group that I was added to by an industry friend. It has a lot of potential for connecting with specific influencers who are looking to make a match from the audience to an offer. By the looks of things it’s growing at a nice rapid pace and it looks like a good place to be connected.

3. Influencer Marketing (Fanatics Media) by Adderall

Influencer Marketing Groups

Influencer Marketing (Fanatics Media) is a group that I know the least about. I have mutual friends in the group with me. There are many posts from both sides of the coin here, influencers highlighting their profiles and reach as well as advertisers looking for specific influencers and making posts about what they are looking for. There are many influencer directories and services out there.

Groups like this are an economical approach but might not always be your best bet to find exactly what you are looking for.

4. Celebrity Shoutouts

Influencer Marketing Groups

Celebrity Shoutouts is a full service dedicated to real and powerful celebrity shoutouts. This group is a private group where they will announce up and coming opportunities. You can also register on the Celebrity Shoutouts website.

This is the real deal here. It’s not the resource you will use to find some insta-celebs with the larget followings. You’ll find some of the most followed celebrities of today. For example Kim Kardashian, along with many other famous names.

Check it out, and see how it can work for you. Below is a video where Vito Glazers meets Deepak Chopra and talks about Celebrity Shoutouts.

That wraps it up for the group suggestions. I will include some other resources below to check out. If you know of some other good groups, be sure to leave them in the comments below!


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