3 Snapchat Ads Facebook Groups

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Snapchat Ads Facebook Groups

Here is a quick list of 3 Snapchat Ads Facebook Groups you should check out if you haven’t done so already. If you’re interested in running advertising campaigns on Snapchat, give these groups a try along with some other resources I’ve curated while digging around for info on Snapchat Advertising.

Snapchat Ads Communities on Facebook
A random man posing for a royalty-free stock image while admiring the Snapchat logo. Pic is for attention, might delete later, idk.

Snapchat Advertising is heating up! If you haven’t heard any buzz about it, it’s probably because you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere. I mean, just check out the happy look on the random guy above. If that pic does not have you opening a new tab to get your camps rolling, I don’t know what will.

With all the uncertainty, odd behavior and just getting downright zucked in some cases on Facebook lately, it seems more and more marketers are shifting their attention to Snap Ads.

There are some communities that have been established with other like-minded industry peeps that you should check out if you are looking to jump in, dabble or just want to get a feel for what others are seeing and willing to share.

1. Snapchat Ads Group

Snapchat Ads Group

The Snapchat Ads Group is one of the first groups I came across on the topic of SnapAds. Alex Golke is the main admin and owner of the group. He has some great content about running on ads on Snapchat.

Here is a link to a youtube playlist he has on his YouTube channel with all snap related content. You can check that playlist out below. If you want to join the group, you can look it up by the name Snapchat Ads Group or just click the link in the title or the image above. See you inside!

2. Snapvertising

Snapvertising Facebook Group

The Snapvertising group by Snapchat Matt is owned and moderated by Matt Smith. He did an AMA on Reddit about his success on Snapchat that I will link to below.

He also created a course on Snapchat ads as well. (I don’t know much about it.) If you want to join the group, you can look it up by the name Snapvertising or just click the link in the title or the image above. See you inside!

I’m Snapchat Matt, a Super Affiliate Who Made $211k in the Past 92 days Doing CPA Lead Gen on Snapchat Ads, AMA! from r/Affiliatemarketing

3. TrustAds Mastermind

TrustAds Mastermind

TrustAds Mastermind is a group created by the creators and owners of TrustAds. If you are familiar with Automated Rules on Facebook Ads, then you will see the value in TrustAds.

They introduce Automated Rules to your Snapchat Advertising efforts. They have a free trial for their service, and they also have a trust badge as Snapchat Certified Partners. If you want to join the group, you can look it up by the name TrustAds Mastermind or just click the link in the title or the image above. See you inside!

If you are wondering what rules you can use, here are some of them you can use with TrustAds and Snapchat. Check out the list below! It’s also notable that there is no other service out there that will allow you to do what you can on Snapchat other than TrustAds:

  • Pause or activate your campaigns, ad squads or ads
  • Increase, decrease or specify your ad squad budgets
  • Increase or decrease your ad squad bids
  • Duplicate your ad squads
  • Delete campaigns, ad squads or ads
  • Add tag(s) to your campaigns, ad squads or ads
  • Notify you of any changes to your campaign, ad squad or ad performance

That’s a wrap! I’m inside all three of those groups, so if you decide to check them out, I’ll see you inside.

And if you happen to know of some other Snapchat Ads Facebook Groups related facebook groups that are not super secret squirrel communities, link to them in the comments below!

Snapchat Ads Resource List

I have no affiliation with these groups or their products other than participating in them. I am just sharing communities of like-minded people in our industry in an effort to provide value and connect people to resources.

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