Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups

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3 Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have continued to grow and be an easy way to interact with communities of like-minded individuals. The affiliate marketing industry is HUGE! However, the communities are full of tight-knit groups with many familiar faces after a while.

If you were to search Facebook for Affiliate Marketing groups you will find a ton of them and they all range in size. Some huge groups and some very small however, Most of them have one thing in common, you don’t want to waste your time with them.

Here are my current top three favorite Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups with the most active affiliates and super affiliates.

1. The Super Affiliates & Internet Marketing Group

Super Affiliates & Internet Marketing

The Super Affiliates & Internet Marketing Group is one of the largest of the 3 that we will go over today. The main admins in this group are Ben and Frank from MonsterAds. There is a huge team from all over the industry that helps moderate this group and they do a phenomenal job. Easily the most diversified group on Facebook with tons of value. Check it out!

2. Super Got’ Damn Affiliates Group

Super Got Damn Affiliates

Super Got’ Damn Affiliates is just a bit smaller in size but it’s very active. The group is created by Envyus Media and Addicted Affiliate. You will find valuable information in this group and they do a great job with the moderation and keeping it free of bullshit spam posts or things that are not relevant to the industry.

3. MRKTHUB Group


Founded by Gerard Della Porta this community is on fire! The common goal is that the community is built around MRKTHUB being a virtual trade show. It’s well organized and proving to be an invaluable resource.

This is a great community that is growing very quickly and I highly recommend checking it out. The group, page, and website give you the feel of a 24/7 365 affiliate marketing trade show vibe. What better way to network online?

It’s not a wonder the group has grown as fast as it has, Gerard is one of the most outgoing and friendly individuals in the internet marketing industry. His name is synonymous with #Romance and he has an amazing story. He also hosts the annual Bangkok Bash which is a division of MRKTHUB. Check out this video for an awesome overview in under 60 seconds.

To keep things simple and straightforward, I will wrap this up here. If you are looking for communities where you can surround yourself with likeminded individuals in the internet marketing industry, you should be in all of these groups.

See You Inside!

If we are not connected yet on social media, reach out where you hang out. You will find me. I look forward to connecting with you!

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