Acronyms Commonly Used By Internet Marketers

acronyms for mobilemarketing

When you are learning a skill or diving into some content you might not be extremely proficient in guides like the one below come in really handy as a quick reference guide.  Online Marketing keeps growing at a staggering rate and while the changes in the industry can be vast there are many constants and foundational skills and methods that do not change. The list in the infographic below that is provided by pardot is a really well put together list. It is not an end all be all but it is a great reminder for someone just starting off or someone just not familiar with the ins and outs of Internet Marketing. Do not get discouraged when you run into something you do not know. Just keep searching for the answer and do not give up till you find it. As with most success the answer is in the determination to keep going. We often fear what we do not know or understand and then quit or put off the action we would have taken if we knew the answer. There is no growth in letting fear or ignorance win. Hope this tool will help you on your journey. If it does please feel free to share this post on your favorite social media channel.


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