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by Julio Medina
Team Beachbody

Workout BuddiesWhen you have a strong support system, you’re much more likely to stick with your diet and fitness plan. Team Beachbody makes it simple to find people who’ll help you reach your goals.Find Buddies now
Workout GroupsGroups connect you with people who share your goals and interests. Joining a Workout Group will help you find new friends who’ll keep you motivated and help you stick to your plan.Find Workout Groups
Message BoardsHave a question? Need more information about your diet plan or workouts? The Message Boards will have the answers you’re looking for, and they’re a great place to meet new people.Visit Message Boards
BlogsJournaling about your accomplishments and challenges is a proven way of helping yourself succeed. And when you read the blogs of other Team Beachbody members and Trainers, you’ll be inspired to work even harder.Visit Blogs
Message CenterStay in touch with your Buddies through the Team Beachbody message center. The peer support you get from your friends will give you an extra incentive to meet your health and fitness goals.Visit the Message Center
WOWY SuperGym™Never miss a workout when you plan it in SuperGym. Scheduling workouts in your calendar will motivate you to complete themand exercising with your Buddies keeps you accountable (and makes things more fun).Visit WOWY SuperGym™

Free Membership

Free Beachbody Membership


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