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Meal Plan

  • Your Personalized Meal Plan.We’ll show you the right foods, in the right portions, so there’s no guesswork. Simply set your goals, get your shopping list, and go!

Expert Advice

  • Expert Advice from Beachbody® Trainers.Our fitness trainers provide helpful tips to improve your workouts and host online chats so you can get up close and personal!

Personal Coach

  • Your Personal Coach.Tap into the support of your Beachbody Coach to help you stay on track and achieve long-lasting results.

Video Content

  • Exclusive Video Content.Our Webisodes offer detailed instructions on working out, preparing tasty, healthy recipes, and even fashion advice for your new body.

Fitness Tools

  • Fitness Tools.Learn your target heart rate, calculate your body mass index (BMI), track your progress, and more.

WOWY Sweepstakes

  • Plus, you can win amazing rewards just for working out!Enter your workouts in WOWY® and you are automatically entered to win up to $1,000 or other cool rewards every day!

Plus, you save 10% off the retail price of Beachbody fitness and nutrition products!

Why is the Team Beachbody Club so effective? Because we promote accountability, which means you’ll be ready to work out every day. But the Club also helps make exercise fun, so you’ll enjoy every minute!

Sign up now and receive a FREE Thin Kitchen® recipe book, valued at $20.

Enjoy all these benefits RISK FREE for 30 days for only $2.99 a week, billed $38.87 quarterly in advance to the credit card you provide. You can cancel anytime during your first 30 days and receive a FULL refund, or you can cancel anytime thereafter to avoid future charges. Keep the Thin Kitchen recipe book just for trying!

Compare all Team Beachbody Free and Club membership benefits

Team Beachbody Membership BenefitsFree MembershipClub Membership
10% discount on fitness programs, gear, and supplements.
Full access to Beachbody TV, including exclusive Trainer Tips, Healthy Eating Tips, Style Tips, and Lifestyle Tips.
VIP access to our celebrity Trainers. Watch their videos, ask them questions, and read their motivational articles.
Chat live with your favorite Trainers in the exclusive VIP Chat Room.
Personalized meal plans and delicious recipes that make it easy to lose weight.
Your own personal blog to journal your progress and share your ideas and opinions.
Access to fitness articles and tips to help you maximize your workouts.
Access to nutrition articles and tips to make healthy eating simple and satisfying.
Access to new recipes and the recipe archives.
Access to WOWY SuperGym™, where you can schedule your workouts, track your progress, and be eligible to win cash and prizes up to $1,000 a day.
Your own personal Coach to link you to all the support, tools, and motivation you need to reach your goals.
Access to the Cooldown Chatroom, to chat live with other Team Beachbody® members after your workout.
Your personal Message Center to get and receive messages, workout invitations, and Buddy requests.
Helpful fitness tools to get the most out of every workout.
Workout Buddies to keep you motivated and inspired.
Beachbody News Network videos for all the latest Team Beachbody headlines.
Access to the Message Boards.
Weekly newsletters and access to the newsletter archives.
Note: The contests and sweepstakes and Beachbody Coach business opportunity are currently available only to U.S. residents. Certain limitations and restrictions apply. Please review the daily sweepstakes and monthly contest rules posted on for details. Charges may appear on your bill as Beachbody or Team Beachbody.
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