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Beachbody Challenge Packs

by Julio Medina

What is a Beachbody Challenge Pack?

Each challenge pack includes:

1. A 30-60 day supply of Shakeology (Chocolate is my personal favorite but you can even mix and match!). The length of supply varies depending on your serving size and whether or not you’re using Shakeology as a snack or meal replacement.

2. Your choice of workout program.

3. 30-day trial of the Team Beachbody Club membership which includes meal planning based on your individual needs.

4. Eligibility to participate in one of my private challenge groups where you will receive personal support and coaching from the one and only ME!. :-)How Much Does it Cost?

The main benefit of purchasing a challenge pack is that you can save as much as $50+ vs. purchasing each item separately plus you get FREE shipping.

Price varies depending on the fitness program:

NOTE:  There are now four additional workout programs available including P90X2, ChaLEAN Extreme, RevAbs, and Insanity Asylum.

Not sure which program to select?

Here’s a few guidelines:

  • If you haven’t worked out in a long time or have certain physical limitations get the $160 package and select either Power 90 or Slim in 6.
  • If you’re super crunched for time select the $180 package and get 10-Minute Trainer.
  • If you’re in decent shape and feel ready for a challenge go for the $205 package and select any of the programs listed. They’re all great!

If you’re still not sure send me a message and we’ll get it figured out!

Here’s a couple more things you need to know about the challenge packs.

1. You will automatically be enrolled to receive Shakeology on home direct which means it will be delivered to your door every 30 days and billed $119.95 to the credit card that was used when you originally placed your order. Of course you can cancel at anytime to avoid future charges. You also have the option to setup your home delivery every 45 or 60 days (instead of 30) and still receive free shipping. To cancel future orders of Shakeology or to change the schedule at which you receive your delivery contact customer service: 800-470-7870 [email protected]

2. After 30 days you will automatically be charged to continue your Team Beachbody club membership at a cost of $2.99 per week which is billed $38.87 every quarter. Again, you can cancel anytime to avoid future charges but I hope you will find value in continuing your membership!

How Do I Purchase a Challenge Pack?

Use the links below to purchase a challenge pack with your choice of workout program:







That’s it! Once you have successfully purchased your challenge pack, make sure to leave a comment below or contact me and let me know what program you are starting so I can get you added to one of my private support groups.

I look forward to getting to know YOU and helping YOU achieve your health and fitness goals! :-)

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