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I have people asking me on a daily basis what being a beach body coach means, what it can do for them etc. I decided I would put together a quick FAQ post and answer most of the questions I get, any other questions just shoot me an email and let me know and I will add them to this list or answer you personally.



Q: What is a coach?

A: Beachbody refers to their reps as “Coaches”. They call them Coaches because they are more than just “distributors” or “reps”. Yes, they have the ability to sell and suggest fitness products and workouts, but they also have a vested interest to “Coach” the people they are in contact with into a better way of life.



Q: Who can be a coach?
A: ANYONE! You do not need to be invited; you can make this decision yourself and sign up today!  We strongly encourage those to join in the Coaching business who have a strong desire to reach their deepest goals. This is a home based business working as the “go-to” person, for helping people get fit! You do not need to have certifications, degrees, or years of experience working in the fitness or medical industry to do this.  All you need to do, is to continue to be an example yourself and share your successes with others!  You can be a fitness or medical professional, in the best shape of your life, or working your way to be in the best shape of your life….as long as you are committed and dedicated to staying accountable, you can help others become accountable in their goals too!



Q: How do I become a coach myself?
A: If you are already a teambeachbody customer, all you have to do is click on this link: Become a Coach and ensure that I (JulioMedina) am your sponsoring coach.  If my name is not there, just follow the directions to edit it.  If you are NOT currently a teambeachbody customer, click this link: Coach with Beachbody and then click the Coach button and follow the instructions.  Either way, I can help walk you through the process, if needed.



Q: What do I “do” everyday as a Coach?
A: Depending on where you want to take your business or the direction of your goals, this answer can be different for everyone.  But primarily the common answer is – Share your Story!  As a Coach, you have the ability to sell any Beachbody item, from their nutritionals all the way to their workout videos.  Just start telling your story and letting people know of your new business venture. The word will spread!  You may also spend your time getting in touch with your network and circle around you.  You will have the greatest gains in your business if you build your down line team of Coaches.



Q: How much does it cost to become a coach?

A: Beachbody really wants to make this as affordable as possible, so that we can make a HUGE difference in our direction to change one person at a time in becoming more fit and healthy!

There is an initial $39.95 fee (includes your Business Kit) and then a monthly charge of $14.95 for your hosting fees for the 4 websites that Beachbody gives you, plus your back office website.




Q: How much time do I have to dedicate in order to be a coach?

A: The amount of time you spend is completely up to you! When I first began, I was spending around an hour a day learning the ins and outs of the business. As my business grows, I dedicated more and more time until it eventually will become my full-time job.




Q: Is the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity a scam?

A:  No, the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity is not a scam.  It’s not a pyramid scheme.  It is an actual business that provides actual value!




Q: What are some of the benefits of becoming an Independent Beachbody Coach?


  • You have the opportunity to help others get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • You receive 25% off all Beachbody products.
  • You get your own personalized website/store.
  • You are not responsible for shipping or inventory.
  • You have unlimited income potential.
  • You are a personal business owner.
  • Beachbody will GIVE you customers once you are qualified.
  • You have the opportunity to purchase the Showcase Package and/or the Diamond Pack.



Q: Beachbody actually GIVES me customers?

A: YES!  Just reach the basic level of EMERALD and maintain and active status, and you will receive customers in your database possibly everyday!  Beachbody receives about 50,000+ customer leads a week! Those come in and get assigned to the next active emerald Coach (or higher) in line.  You will earn commissions from these customers REPEAT business!  You will also earn BONUS Commissions off of their CLUB MEMBERSHIP dues! (billed and paid quarterly)  Just for being ACTIVE!



Q: How do I earn income as a Beachbody Coach?

A: There are several very detailed ways of earning income and the many ways to really make a significant income. But in general, here are the basics:

• Any sales to customers of products from your website or directly from yourself- 25% commission
• Customers who join the CLUB MEMBERSHIP- you earn 50% of their quarterly membership dues
• Personally sponsored Coaches who are in the CLUB MEMBERSHIP earn you 50% commission
• ADDTIONALLY- Your Downline TEAM CYCLE BONUSES can pay out when you bank a certain amount of points.
• Customers in the Club Membership- you receive 15% commission on any of their purchases

As a Beachbody Coach, you get a 25% discount on any item you personally want to purchase as well!




Q: How can I fit this in my daily life? I’m already way too busy!

A: If you are involved in your own fitness already, this will be MUCH easier for you! This will be natural and follow what you normally do already!  Opportunity always presents itself, now you’ll just have a way of earning commissions on the programs you’ve already been suggesting. The extent to which you develop your “downline” is up to each individual. You can be very aggressive to create a long downline of Coaches and retail sales.  As someone involved in fitness or working on your own fit & healthy journey, you’ll find yourself having the same conversations you would naturally when people ask you the many questions they often do about “getting fit”, losing weight, and “how are YOU doing it”.



Q: What is the Showcase Package?

A: When you become a Coach you are given options! (You are not required to purchase anything!)For just $269.99 , you can purchase The Showcase Pack, a collection of Beachbody workout programs that normally costs over $560.00! The programs included are Power 90, Slim in 6, TurboFire, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, and P90X. You will also receive a set of B-Lines Resistance Bands . (As a note of comparison: the retail price of P90X and Insanity is $119.85 each plus S&H, and for just $30 more, you can have 4 more programs!)



Q: What is the Diamond Pack?

A: The Diamond Pack is the ULTIMATEin Beachbody programs and products! It’s 35 lbs of Beachbody Goodness!

“The start-up bundle of champions” is a $1,123.00 value and puts you on the fast track to financial and fitness freedom. With the Diamond Pack, you’re equipped from day 1 with the full arsenal of the most successful Beachbody® nutritional products and fitness programs, business services, and 3rd Party Tools. Plus, we’ll throw in a FREE Business Starter Kit (a $39.95 value) and FREE basic ground shipping.
Here is what you receive when you purchase The Diamond Pack;
  • Fitness: Your journey starts with fitness, and your first goal is to become a product of the product. The Diamond Pack allows you to get familiar AND interact with the best of Beachbody’s programs right away. P90X®, INSANITY®, TurboFire®, Brazil Butt Lift®, Power 90®, Slim in 6®, and P90X ONE on ONE™ (Volume 3, Disc 1). We will continue to ship a new P90X ONE on ONE workout every month, but you can cancel anytime.
  • Nutrition: Behind every good workout regimen is good nutrition. The Diamond Pack ensures you’re covered from all angles, regardless of your body’s needs. P90X Results and Recovery Formula™ Packets, Core Omega-3™, Core Cal-Mag™, Herbal Immune Boost, P90X Peak Health Formula, P90X Peak Performance Protein Bars Variety Pack.
  • Shakeology: Shakeology is Team Beachbody’s ultra-premium health shake and the smartest calories you can put into your body. This Fast Start Pack is a Coach-exclusive offer that includes FREE shipping and is delivered to your door monthly. Your first shipment comes with a special Shakeology workout DVD and a set of recipe cards that can be used to promote the product to customers. You’ll also get a FREE shaker cup with your second shipment. Your first shipment will include a combination of single-serving packets—half Chocolate Shakeology and half Greenberry Shakeology.
  • Third Party Tools: Arm your business with the best sales and marketing tools we have to offer. You’ll get 40 “Decide” DVDs to share the opportunity, 20 “The Beachbody Solution” DVDs for retailing, 10 Product Catalogs, and 5 Get Started Right Guides—all the essential tools you need to launch your business.
  • The Business Starter Kit is essential to a smooth launch. It includes one “Watch” DVD, one Print CD, and one Get Started Right Guide. The “Watch” DVD contains all the key Coach training you need to get acquainted with your new business. The Print CD serves as an ongoing reference point for other training materials and resources. Finally, the Business Starter Kit includes the Get Started Right Guide, which shows you how to hit the ground running within 48 hours of starting your Coach Business.
  • As an added bonus and to help you start promoting your business from day 1, the Diamond Pack also includes a P90X hat, product stickers, and a “FREE workout program of your choice” coupon that incentivizes you to reach your first milestone as a Coach within 30 days.
You can purchase The Diamond Pack upon sign up for a cost of $699.95! That is over 40% off!



Q: Do I have to have a great transformation to be a coach?

A: No! You have to have a passion for helping others and the desire to succeed. The earlier you start, the better.



Q: What if I’m not very knowledgable about fitness?

A: You don’t have to be a fitness expert to be a coach. I wasn’t when I first started. I’ve done a lot of research over the past year and a half to learn as much as I could about fitness. The best time to start is NOW!



Q: Will I get the proper training?

A: Beachbody has an excellent training program called the Coach Training Academy, which you will need to understand when you sign up to coach. I have also created my own training program to provide you the knowledge to be a successful coach. As your sponsor, I will be in constant contact with you and provide you with all the tools necessary to become successful in this business like I have.



Q: Is the Coaching Opportunity open to anyone outside the US?

A: Currently, the Coaching Business is not available to anyone outside the US. However, Beachbody is in the process of opening up the opportunity to other countries, such as Canada. I will make a blog post the momentI hear it has opened up to other countries. If you’re from Canada, you can make me your coach, and I’ll let you know as soon as the opportunity opens up. To make me your coach, click here.


If you are active duty military, Beachbody takes care of so be sure to read my post about being a military beach body coach!

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