Wild Cherry Tic Tac Review

I am a huge fan of the Tic Tacs. I am an even bigger fan of FREE Things and Freebie Spot is running a contest giving away Wild Cherry Tic Tacs. If you have not heard yet the Wild Cherry is the newest flavor to join the ranks of one of the best little delights we know as tic tacs. Check out the contest here: Freebie Spot Tic Tac Giveaway (ends 6/18). Its really easy to enter and who knows you might just win yourself some free stuff! If you do not want to enter it’s just worth checking out the review on that website and reading up on all the other offers they have. You can follow them on twitter as well @freebiespot. Anyhow back to tic tacs they are also coming out with a peach flavor that should be amazing. The tough task will be finding these treats so I have done some work for you and found a place to get um. Enjoy. Tell me what you think of um and enter the contest you might just get some free.


Breaking News:

I just found these too! I am pumped about it too! Pina Colada Tic Tacs


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