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iSteve: The Book Of Jobs


I just found out that you can pre-order the Steve Jobs Biography on Amazon and if you have not already done so, YOU SHOULD! I have been an apple fan for several years now and it just seems like with every year that passes or every keynote that Steve Jobs attends I become even more of a fan than I was before. I think it’s awesome thatWalter Isaacson is the author because he has written books on amazing people like, Ben Franklin, Einstein and Kissinger. Now to add Jobs to that list is a pretty cool feat. I am huge supporter of Steve Jobs. He literally changed the world with the iPhone. he made it possible for 14 year olds to get rich with their ideas by creating apps. I am honored to be part of the mobile app industry. If you did not already know I created an app called AF Tracker that gives Air Force members a way to calculate their PT Test scores easily and more features to come. Apps are the future and Steve Jobs made that possible. I can remember watching the keynote as he announced the iPhone 3G and feeling such an excitement for the release of the product. I had a countdown set online and everything. (Don’t judge me!,haha) Anyhow without getting carried away if you are an iOS developer or just an Apple Fanboy/girl, this book is for you.

One of the biggest reason I am HUGE fan of Steve Jobs for the simple reason that this man does not let anything stop him or bring him down, if you did not know he suffers from a rare form of cancer. Despite having to go on sick leave he is always at work and always making appearances etc. It’s pretty cool to me that the man behind one of the biggest corporations in America is a motivated and dedicated individual even after he has “made it.” His leadership abilities and style can be summed up in a quote of his from back in 2007. He said, “There’s an old Wayne Gretzky quote that I love. ‘I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.’ And we’ve always tried to do that at Apple. Since the very very beginning. And we always will.”—Steve Jobs it’s easy to see why he was voted the CEO of the decade by Fortune magazine isn’t it? I find motivation from him. He made it by staying focused and never quitting and that is something that ANYONE can do.

A few interesting Steve Jobs tidbits:

Steve Jobs was fired by the guy whom he hired to run Apple!

At 30, Jobs was fired by John Sculley whom he had hired to run Apple. Jobs went on to found NeXT computers which never tasted success but its technology lives on in the current Macs after Apple bought NeXT and integrated NeXTStep into Mac OS.

Steve Jobs earns less than minimum wage!

Jobs’ annual salary is $1, just enough to keep company health benefits. According to a regulatory filing, Jobs took a salary of $1 in 2010. However, he owns some 5.5 million shares in the company, which are worth some $1.8 billion at the current price of around $333 a share, a rise of more than 50 per cent on the year. He became a millionaire at 25.

Steve Jobs is the single largest shareholder of Disney!

When Disney bought Jobs’ other company Pixar, he also became the single largest individual shareholder of Disney. Apple isn’t his only gig you know! In 1986, Jobs bought the computer division of film director George Lucas’ for $10 million. He named the computer animation studio Pixar, and signed a distribution deal with Walt Disney.  As the CEO of Pixar animation studios, Jobs promoted computer-generated story telling with movies including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life and Monster Inc. The movies were a huge success and Jobs decide to take the company Public in 1995. He was back in business.
lion. Job was Disney’s largest shareholder and got a seat on their board.

One of my goals is to make it a WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) before he retires. I am passionate about the mobile app industry and I am excited for its future and I am thankful to be a part of it. I am just a small fish in a HUGE pond and to be able to attend the conference is a dream. It’s a very reachable goal though too. I will keep you informed on my progress. If I have it my way you will hear that I am going to WWDC and hanging out with the greats like:


Gary Bennett– who runs Xcelme–  and wrote Objective-C for Absolute Beginners: iPhone and Mac Programming Made Easy – I took this course before the book came out and it gave me a great foundation of the basics in programming with Objective-C. Gary is also a prior United States Navy Serviceman so he gets extra cool point for being a service member in the armed forces. (even if the navy is not as cool as the air force.) 😉 All kidding aside he is very skilled and easy to talk to simply, a great teacher!    😉

Dave Mark – The first book I ever read when I gained an interest in iOS development was  Learn Cocoa on the Mac

Jeff Lamarche who has written many book on iOS development and a very down to earth dude. I follow him on twitter.

CocoaGeek– I follow him on twitter as well and I learn alot from him. Really cool dude. Know his stuff and very down to earth


Amazon describes the book like this:

“From bestselling author Walter Isaacson comes the landmark biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. In iSteve: The Book of Jobs, Isaacson provides an extraordinary account of Jobs’ professional and personal life. Drawn from three years of exclusive and unprecedented interviews Isaacson has conducted with Jobs as well as extensive interviews with Jobs’ family members, key colleagues from Apple and its competitors, iSteve is the definitive portrait of the greatest innovator of his generation.”


This title will be released on March 6, 2012. So reserve your copy now and make sure you have it right away because my prediction is: THIS IS AN INSTANT BESTSELLER!

I can’t wait to read it and then post my review about it! I will probably do a written and video review about the book after I am done reading it so stay tuned and reserve yours today.


Edit: 8/15/11

It’s official the cover was released for the book today.  Here is a link to the story too.


Also just found out they pushed the release date to November, 21, 2011! I am excited about it. My Birthday is on the 19th of November if you were looking for a good birthday present…. 😉

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