Dripable – Review of the Drip Feed Blast System

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I had the opportunity to be a beta tester for the Dripable Drip Feed Service and I wanted to share my review.


Dripable Drip Feed Blast Overview from Julio Medina on Vimeo.




  • Consistent Link Building
  • Good Mix Of Backlinks
  • Good Mix of PR from Backlinks built
  • Good Footprint Coverage from the Search Engines
  • Easy To Use
  • Set and Forget For Different Project
  • “So easy even a IM Newb Can Do It.”
  • Very Affordable
  • Easy To Read Reports of already built Backlinks
  • Good Support System
  • Under Promise and Over Deliver


One of the biggest “Pros” to a service like this is the simple and very real fact that:

·         Not all links stay up after an initial blast.

·         Not all links stay up over time, i.e. some eventually get taken down.

Because of the 2 bullet points above, building a constant number of backlinks with dripable, will make up for the ones that will eventually die off or never get posted.



None Thus Far*


*Please do not mistake my empty list of Cons as me saying this is a miracle service or a one stop shop for your SEO need because it’s not. If you find that shocking then you have a lot to learn anyway.  On the other hand this service is a great way to keep building links. There are many other factors that will affect your rankings too like one of your main elements YOUR CONTENT.  Yes, you need backlinks. Yes, backlinks will help you rise to the serps on your journey to #1 in SERPs!  MANY of you IM will buy a service like this and expect it to be an auto pilot to a six figure income.  That is not a realistic expectation.  You can build almost an infininte amount of backlinks to your website and if your content, web design and overall on page SEO. The bottom line is Botwiz and Georgebg really know how to provide good quality service at a fair price.  Check it out. Dripable Drip Feed Blast

Edit: Update 6.22.11


New Features Now Released!
Input fields for Before & After URL Text, used for forum profiles only. Now you can designate in the advanced options of Basic and Advanced blasts the text you would like used for the before and after the URL for your forum profile backlinks. Giving you more control, something no other service offers. See the screencast here to see how it works – http://dripable.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6e1b6e204fb75ecc09d207db1&id=b8354b9971&e=0656867b29
New Advanced Blast Area – In this area your will be able to bind URL’s to keywords so you can further control how links are created each day. This allows you to break up your daily links over numerous sites attacking the specific keywords you want. See the screencast here –http://dripable.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6e1b6e204fb75ecc09d207db1&id=2a29322244&e=0656867b29
Advanced Blast & Binding of All forms (for advanced users) – With the addition of the Advanced Project area you are now able to not only bind URL’s to keywords, but also bind comments, before URL text, and after URL text when the system processes your blast. This way you can input lists exactly the way you want your backlinks to look along with which sites, comments, and text go with your keywords. Your options now are almost endless.  See the screencast here – http://dripable.us2.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=6e1b6e204fb75ecc09d207db1&id=5a52b1b2db&e=0656867b29
3rd Party API Key – Using our API key, found in your account settings area, you will now be able to use the http://dripable.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6e1b6e204fb75ecc09d207db1&id=bc9768742d&e=0656867b29 service to help improve your indexing rate of the backlinks built with our system. A detailed screencast with directions can be found here – http://dripable.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6e1b6e204fb75ecc09d207db1&id=0f58bd88d4&e=0656867b29
Note: These new features have been put through a hard test and should not be causing any problems, though if some may arise, please submit a ticket to support so we can get them fixed and updated ASAP here – http://dripable.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=6e1b6e204fb75ecc09d207db1&id=35f3c31102&e=0656867b29
New Additions
You will now notice that we have started a screencast and video section under the tutorials area of the backend, it can also be found here –http://dripable.us2.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=6e1b6e204fb75ecc09d207db1&id=d6e9e4cac8&e=0656867b29
In this area, you will find full screencast, warnings, and suggestions on the best way to use our system. This will be the best place to learn the dripable system from front to back getting all your questions answered before you’ve even asked them. (videos are coming soon)
Future Releases (coming soon)
Full Scheduler – You will be able to select any date of your choosing to run your projects. Whether you want to select a specific date that you would like to run monthly or run a blast weekly based on certain days of the week.
Link Allocation – In our full scheduler you will be able to break up the links used in as small as 250 links per scheduled project. This will give you endless control of what, when, and how many links are being blasted to each of your projects.
Video tutorials and other features requested by our current user base.
With these great new features expect a slight price increase for the service in the future. If your on the verge of upgrading from your trial to paid make sure to do it sooner then later to get in on our great price today!




There are 3 plans availible:

$47- 1,000 Backlinks Per Day

$67-2,000 Backlinks Per Day

$97- 4,000 Backlinks Per Day

***Use the above links with the promocode dripless to save 10% Off!***




You can see an extended video review here:

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