Atkins Day Break Oatmeal Cinnamon Baked Square


My Favorite Low Carb Breakfast Bar

I am a huge fan of low carb living. I do not follow the Atkins diet to the “T” but I still like to stay very low carb when I am dieting. I do get alot of the atkins bars and there is a new bar that I like so much I thought I would write a review about it. Atkins Day Break Oatmeal Cinnamon Baked Square, 5 – 1.4 oz Squares per Box . If you have ever had any of the atkins bars before you know that a lot of them are pretty good. The breakfast bars are all pretty good and always give you a ton of fiber to start off the day. I have had almost every Daybreak Bar and this is my favorite one hands down. In my opinion the only one that comes close would be the Atkins Day Break Bars, Cinnamon Bun

The Cinnamon Bun Bar runs a close second but it’s still a second place spot for taste. The new Oatmeal Cinnamon Baked Square is delish! It’s like a desert that you would eat even if you were not on a diet of any kind.  They are a little bit higher on the Carb Count weighing in  at 6 net carbs so if you are trying to stay SUPER low then keep that number in mind but! It’s so worth it. Not to mention the 10g of Fiber is a HUGE plus. What a way to start out the day! Calorie wise it’s only 140 Calories so pretty light on the calorie scale and while I know that you are not counting calories on a low carb diet it’s still noteworthy. The Daybreak Bar features are:

  • Low Carb – Only 6 net carbs
  • Low Sugar – 1gram
  • High Protein -5 grams
  • High Fiber – 10 grams
  • 140 Calories

So, all this to say…If you have the Daybreak bars for breakfast or even for a snack. This is Oatmeal Cinnamon Baked Square is worth the tasting. Let me know what you think about it!



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