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by Julio Medina

April and I were bored on a weeknight, so we decided to drive around and look through some stores.  We stopped @Pier1; I actually like to look in this store, believe it or not.  They have some cool stuff for the house and home.  It can get kinda pricey, but it’s still fun too look.  You never know what kinda deal you might find.  So, we’re in the store.  April went her way, and I went mine.  I went over to the desk and bookshelf section in the back corner.  Someday, I want a home office with lavish furniture like they have there and a few book shelves with lots of cool books, some that I have read and some that I haven’t but might look cool on my shelf.  You know what I’m talking about, the ones you think would make you look smarter by setting them on a coffee table for you guests to see. (Ok, Ok, back to reality, haha.)  There was a little stand with some notepads, stationary and things like that.  I am a sucker for notepads and ways to keep yourself organized etc.  Well, I found these really cool NotePad MousePads.  I was in love.  The Knock Knock Paper Mousepad: 5 Days A Week is proabably the coolest thing, ever, for your desk.

Probably one of the coolest paper things for your desk, ever!

I always scribble on different paper, etc and this is an awesome way of keeping it right at your desk.  I know what you are going to say, ” I have a laptop; I don’t use a mouse.”  Well, the point behind this is not the mousepad feature.  It’s the fact that you can stay organized in such an easy fashion.  Needless to say as soon as I got home, I got on Facebook and became a fan of Knock Knock right away.  Check them out.  They have some really cool stuff.  What is your favorite?  I am sure I will be telling you more about other stuff I want and get from them…

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