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The Soul Support Book

by Julio Medina

So, I’m waiting in the Dr.’s office, and I’m in the lobby waiting to be seen.  There’s quite a few people waiting today.  There’s a crappy magazine table that probably has a trillion germs all over them. (Yikes!)  On the end table closest to me, I see this book: The Soul Support Book by Deb Koffman, so I start thumbing through it.  Immediately, I was captivated.  I mean, there were some of the most simple messages in such a small book.  What a treasure.  For example:

Courtesy of Amazon Book Preview

Just a simple drawing but a deep truth.  I had an old boss who always used to quote his boss saying: “There’s always a better way; you just have to find it.”  I loved that, and it stuck with me.  When I saw this book, specifically this page, I was brought back to this simple truth.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in “How things SHOULD be” or “How things HAVE to be”, but the truth is very rarley do our big “life’s plans” go the way we picture them to be.  The important thing is when all else fails, find another way.  My favorite quote or life saying says: Success is a journey, not a destination. Who cares if we get stuck somewhere, or we get beaten down along the way.  So what if your past is beating you down.  You can make it through.  You might just have to find another way than the way you originally planned.  The great news is THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER WAY!





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