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Fight The Good Funk.

by Julio Medina

Fight the good funk.

Alright, let me just tell you right off the bat this post is about depression so if the word depression scares you off stop reading here! Being that we are midway through the first month of the year, I think it’s safe to say that 2011 is flying by.  I wanted to write about something that I have learned about myself and in turn maybe you can identify with it. If not maybe you just read along and say, wow, what a weirdo. Either way, keep moving along. I titled this fight the good funk because on a daily basis we ALL do what we consider to be fighting the good fight. We have a routine that we follow whether it is waking up and going to work at the butt crack of dawn, maybe you wake up a little bit later and get your kids ready for school. Maybe you are unemployed and you wake up with a plan to look for work actively. MAYBE, you are just a bum and you wake up and that’s as far as it goes. Either, way we all have a certain routine that we follow in this game that we call ‘life’ with that being said it’s very easy to find yourself in a funk from your daily routine and in turn become depressed. I am no doctor but I will tell you this life has so many ups and downs that it can be easy to slip into an unhappy or depressed state of mind. It almost comes natural with daily life. We have good days and then we have the bad ones. (I hate those!) But did you know that you are not alone when the bad days get you down. I was reading a survey and 1 out of every 6 adults will have depression at some time in their lives and it affects about 15 million American adults every year. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! (If you have not experienced it yet in your adult years, you can thank me for giving you something to possibly look forward to. ha-ha) While I am being light hearted about it true depression is more than just a bad day or being moody it is a mental illness that can affect your entire body, mood and thoughts that seem cannot be willed or wished away.

I find myself easily falling into a seasonal depression around this time of year, it gets dark out early now for the winter months and I go into work when it’s dark out and I get home when it’s dark out and it just seems downright gloomy.  I get tired and sure enough I become unhappy.  However, on the bright side of things the spring is only a few months away and I have lots of plans to for this spring and summer so that is something that can really help.  The important thing is, if you find yourself in a ‘funk’ find your way right back out.  I know this may sound crazy but now that I have studied myself and I know that, “Well, I always get kinda depressed around this time of year.” I can acknowledge it and keep pressing on. I would hope the same for you.  So if you are feeling down in the proverbial dumps and life just sucks at the moment, here is a little hope for you from someone that has been in the same boat…It’s only life and things will go back to normal just like they always do. I am reminded of the Lyrics to a song by Juelz Santana that says “Life changes on daily basis every minute every hour still we try to save it but I gotta keep moving and make it.”   Have a listen if you want here…..

Get out and make a change. Take control of the funk that you are in and switch things up a little bit. It’s the only way out. While this advice can seem much easier said than done, you really don’t know till you give it a shot. Well I won’t make this too long. I will leave you with this thought: Don’t take life too serious you will never get out alive. Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but never get s you anywhere.

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