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by Julio Medina

Home is a special place for everyone. It does not matter where you come from, how you grew up or where you are now. Home is always home. We live it, talk about it and most importantly sing about it so while this 1st song is my song of the day I will include all my favorites that talk about home or going to the place you call home.

This next song reminds me of Home is Chicago where I lived for 7 years and enlisted into the service…I love Kanye West’s Music and this song reminds me of many fun summer nights with some of the best friends.

Lastly, home is where you are right. There is an old phrase that says “Bloom where you are planted.” While you may get ‘homesick’ or miss where you come from remember that it’s not where you came from it’s where you end up that matters. Success is a journey and not a destination. Just keep moving.

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