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May I have your attention please….

by Julio Medina

Family,Friends,Readers and Random people that happen to run across this post,

I did not get to say bye to everybody and spend as much time as I would have like to with everyone and the last couple weeks went by so quick that I am still wondering where all the time went LOL! I just wanted to take this time and let you know that I will not have Internet for 8 weeks and no phone either. I will be having my address posted on my blog as soon as I can so keep checking back and write to me. I`ll admit I hate writing letters and I am sure you do too. Especially Bloggers. Who uses the regular mail anymore!?! But mail will be very encouraging so I am not asking for a life update (unless you want too) Even a postcard would be cool. I will be in basic for Christmas and New Years so….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am excited for 2008. I look forward to hearing from all of you.


P.S. If we are friends on myspace and facebook….Do not remove me from your ‘top friends’ just cause I can`t come on for 8 weeks!! LOL.

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