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Nov. 12-19: How The West Was Lost

Posted Thu. Nov 15, 6:45 PM ET by Lyndsey Parker in That’s Really Week

We here at That’s Really Week usually keep on the lighter side of the news. But this week is heavy, man. There’s no way we can crack any jokes about this week’s top story. So we’re not going to even try.

We’re sure by now you’ve read the news that Kanye West‘s beloved mother–inspiration for his song “Hey Mama,” author of Raising Kanye: Life Lessons From The Mother Of A Hip-Hop Star, and major influence on Kanye’s music–passed away last Saturday. Until now, 2007 had been a year of amazing highs for Kanye (winning that 50 Cent sales war, releasing one of the most successful albums of the year, triumphing at the BET and Mobo Awards, upstaging almost everyone at the Concert For Diana, planning his wedding with fiance Alexis, etc.). But now the year is ending with the lowest of lows, as Kanye has lost one of his biggest supporters, Dr. Donda West.

What compounds this tragedy is how Donda passed away. The woman was only 58 years old, and she died before her time due to complications from cosmetic surgery. One look at any photo of the good Doctor shows she looked pretty damn great for 58 (and we’re sure Kanye thought she was beautiful just the way she was), but even a wise professor like Donda was susceptible to societal pressure on women to stay 25 forever. And so she went under the knife for a breast reduction and tummy tuck, and sadly never recovered. Any woman of a certain age who’s been seduced by promises of firmer flesh, as peddled by surgery shows like Extreme Makeover and The Swan (which conveniently condense the often harrowing post-op recovery period into about three minutes of airtime), should think long and hard about what happened to Donda before making their own appointment with Dr. 90210.

Speaking of surgery shows, the Discovery Health Network has announced that for the time being it will stop airing Plastic Surgery: Before & After, which was hosted for five years by Donda West’s surgeon, Jan Adams. And speaking of good doctors…well, it’s looking like Dr. Adams might not be one. All sorts of unflattering allegations have surfaced against him since Donda’s death: That he agreed to perform Donda’s operation even though at least one other surgeon had refused to do so because of her pre-existing condition. That malpractice lawsuits had been filed against him in the past. That he’d had two drunk driving arrests (see mugshot at right). That the state medical board had recommended his license be revoked. That his ex-wife once took out a restraining order against him. The list goes on and on and on–and it’s not pretty.

In fact, only six days after Donda’s death, a $30,000 warrant was issued for Dr. Adams’s arrest, because he failed to appear at a hearing (for a case stemming from a malpractice lawsuit by a patient who claims he left a sponge inside her). However, eventually Adams did turn up (he said he was stuck in traffic). We’re guessing Kanye will soon want his day in court with Dr. Adams, too–and we hope the doctor doesn’t show up late for that case, because we know the famously hot-tempered Kanye wouldn’t tolerate any tardiness.

The usually outspoken Kanye has actually laid very low this week. He understandably pulled out of his scheduled performance at this week’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and the only statement he’s made regarding this tragedy is an obviously publicist-crafted press release asking that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made in his mama’s name to the Kanye West Foundation/Loop Dreams Teacher Training Institute (kanyewestfoundation.org).

Meanwhile, Dr. Adams has issued the following statement: “I first want to express my deepest condolences to the West family at a very difficult time. Out of respect for the West family and in the absence of other verifiable information, any comment from me without first discussing that information with the family would be unprofessional.”

Looks like this is going to be a much more serious feud than that whole Kanye-vs.-Fiddy media stunt.

We could write about other stuff this week…but frankly, poking fun of the latest Britney debacle, Boy George arrest, Wacko Jacko rumor, or band reunion in light of this tragedy seems in bad taste. Yes, believe it or not, even That’s Really Week has a good/bad taste line (albeit a thin, fuzzy one) that we refuse to cross. So we’ll sign off for now with a shout-out of sympathy to Kanye. Remember, Mr. West: That that don’t kill you, can only make you stronger.

This was the best written article on the situation.I am a huge fan of Kanye West. He is know as an arrogant person but I have alot of respect for him and even if he is cocky I believe that many people can mistake self confidence for being cocky. (Maybe not so much with Kanye but on a personal level for me anyway,or so it seems.) Confidence is intimidating. another line from one his songs says. “We are all self conscience, I`m just the first to admit it. ” Very true statement. Everybody has things about themselves that they are self conscience of. Good stuff….

This is a live version:

“Hey Mama” is an awesome tribute that he wrote to is mother who just past away. I liked the song so much that since it came out it has always been the ring tone on my cell every time my mom calls me.
This is the CD/Radio Version: ( My Favorite)
(Hey Mama), I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz I’m so proud of you
Let me tell you what I’m about to do, (Hey Mama)
I know I act a fool but, I promise you I’m goin back to school
I appreciate what you allowed for me
I just want you to be proud of me (Hey Mama)

[Verse 1]
I wanna tell the whole world about a friend of mine
This little light of mine and I’m finna let it shine
I’m finna take yall back to them better times
I’m finna talk about my mama if yall don’t mind
I was three years old, when you and I moved to the Chi
Late December, harsh winter gave me a cold
You fixed me up something that was good for my soul
Famous homemade chicken soup, can I have another bowl?
You work late nights just to keep on the lights
Mommy got me training wheels so I could keep on my bike
And you would give anything in this world
Michael Jackson leather and a glove, but didn’t give me a curl
And you never put no man over me
And I love you for that mommy cant you see?
Seven years old, caught you with tears in your eyes
Cuz a nigga cheatin, telling you lies, then I started to cry
As we knelt on the kitchen floor
I said mommy Imma love you till you don’t hurt no more
And when I’m older, you aint gotta work no more
And Imma get you that mansion that we couldn’t afford
See you’re, unbreakable, unmistakable
Highly capable, lady that’s makin loot
A livin legend too, just look at what heaven do
Send us an angel, and I thank you (Hey Mama)


[Verse 2]
Forrest Gump mama said, life is like a box of chocolates
My mama told me go to school, get your doctorate
Somethin to fall back on, you could profit with
But still supported me when I did the opposite
Now I feel like it’s things I gotta get
Things I gotta do, just to prove to you
You was getting through, can the choir please
Give me a verse of “You, Are So Beautiful To Me”
Can’t you see, you’re like a book of poetry
Maya Angelou, Nicky Giovanni, turn one page and there’s my mommy
Come on mommy just dance wit me, let the whole world see your dancing feet
Now when I say Hey, yall say Mama, now everybody answer me (Hey Mama)


I guess it also depends tho, if my ends low
Second they get up you gon get that Benzo
Tint the windows, ride around the city and let ya friends know (Hey Mama)

[Verse 3]
Tell your job you gotta fake em out
Since you brought me in this world, let me take you out
To a restaurant, upper echelon
Imma get you a jag, whatever else you want
Just tell me what kind of S-Type Donda West like?
Tell me the perfect color so I make it just right
It don’t gotta be Mother’s Day, or your birthday
For me to just call and say (Hey Mama)

[Chorus (with variations)]

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