Friends,Fun and Future

From Left to right: Juan Carrillo,Michael Eck and Julio Medina.
This has been a very e
ventful summer. Meeting people is an everyday event or at least it can be if you make it. Meeting people and making friends are totally different though. (Do you agree?) This summer I made some new friends. You can see a few of them in the pictures included in this post.

Micheal Eck. A DJ (DJ AKA) and a promoter for Global Adrenaline came into Maxum one weekend ( I hung out there all the time and they make a killer steak wrap for lunch a dinner. If I had it my way I could one of those everyday! 🙂
Anyhow, I met mike there because he was going to DJ there on Wednesday nights for a little while and I would go and hang out and I also got to meet alot of his friends that he would bring along with him too. For instance all these pictures were taken by….

Jacob Clary who takes pictures for Mingle Now and many other places for different events. He is even listed on Model Mayhem if you ever need a photo shoot I am

sure he can probably take care of you for a really good price too.

I also Met Juan Carrillo a guy who`s passion is running. He is currently in training and has a goal to qualify for the next Olympics. This picture here was taken at a “School Teacher” event so we all dressed up as nerds….Hahahaha Just one of the many memorable times that I have gad this summer downtown Chicago.

oh god,oh god.

Adrian Myers is a another person I met this summer and became friends with as well as had him help me get a good workout plan so that I can try out for special forces and actually have a shot (I`ll let you all know how it goes) Haha also because of Adrian I now call McDonalds McDoogals hahahaha. All these little bits of info are just things that I wanted to quickly mention But summer 2007 will probably go down as one of my lifes best.

So to everyone that I met and made friends with…Thank you. =)

Julio,Shawn,Brad and Larry- Enclave Thursdays
This whole blog though is really dedicated to one Person though and that would be Micheal Eck, Thanks again for all the fun times and introducing me to your friends. I have said it before but I think you very well could be one of those most driven people I know. Keep it going it is motivating. The fun times of this summer are things that I will carry with me through the homesick times in military life or even while deployed. Good stuff,Good Stuff.

I did not make it to my own going away party due to a 102 fever and congestion that made me feel like my head was going to explode and losing my voice….But I will do it up big for when I come home. See you all soon…

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