Begining to say Goodbye….

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will actually probably have a few posts with similar titles in the upcoming 3 weeks. As time fades and it gets closer to the day that I take off, I am not scared or regretful, Nervous, Nostalgic and Anxious are more the words that describe my emotions. This Saturday afternoon a bunch of friends and had a little going away party. (Thank you to everyone that came!) and Thank you Big Al for the effort,planning and everything that went into it. I had a blast and it was so good to see everybody. The picture above is a cake they had for me too,Awesome huh? Friends and relationships are something that are so easily taken advantage of sometimes without even realizing it, you just go about your daily life and everything and everyone that are just a part of the ‘norm’ kinda go unnoticed until something changes. I am really coming down to the wire now and the Goodbye times are starting to roll in. I am not get make this an emotional post…I just wanted to publicly thank Big AL and all my friends that came and everyone that was invited that could not make it. Happy Monday. ( I am going to play poker online now since I know I can win with the play money they give me) hahahahahaha 😉

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