First Dates….

Some of these are really dumb and some of these are really funny. After reading through them I had to share…Any embarrassing first date stories?

Frights and Delights: First-Date Stories From Our Readers By Yahoo! readers Updated: Oct 31, 2007
She wrote in her profile that she was the Marilyn Monroe type — that in itself should have been a dead giveaway! When we finally met at a local restaurant, she told me how she felt she was a reincarnation of Marilyn, how she possessed ESP and was clairvoyant and knew from the first read of my profile that we were destined for one another. She said she knew that I was going to ask her out, even though she suggested the meeting, and we were going to live happily ever after. In fact, she never let me get a word in edgewise because she already knew all of the answers to the questions she was posing and answered them for me! Well, it goes to show you, “don’t judge a book by its cover!” (I am talking about her profile pictures.) She was beautiful. However, as far as the ESP thing goes, I wonder if she knew I was never going to call her back! — John

Our first date was just walking around downtown Seattle. We went shopping, just talking and talking. He said, before you go I want to show you something. He then proceeded to blindfold me and took me for a drive. It sounds scary, but it wasn’t. We parked and me (still blindfolded) giggling like a little girl got out of the car and he led me down what felt like a grassy hill. Once we reached the bottom he took off the blindfold and there were dozens of bunnies all around us! We are talking cute, cuddly little rabbits. This place is just outside of Woodland Park Zoo. It was amazing. As he stood there in his biker leather jacket looking tough reaching out to pet a bunny, I could tell right then he was the man of my dreams. — Shayla

The guy made 8 p.m. reservations
on a Friday evening at Moonshadows in Malibu. He came to pick me up at 8:45. He apologized for being late. He said he was nervous and drove around the block a gazillion times. His peace offering for being late — flowers. Since we were running really late, he zoomed onto the freeway, cutting everyone off, going about 120. We get to the restaurant (in one piece, thank God!). It’s now 10 past 9. Tons of people with reservations were waiting to be seated, however, we were seated promptly at the best table in the house. “Wow,” I said. That was quite impressive. We had a great meal, conversation was so-so. We finished the dinner, then we ordered dessert. On my first bite of the creme brulee, he suddenly dropped down to the floor. I thought that maybe he had dropped his napkin. Then he stayed there… and got on one knee! He proposed to me and I looked at him with complete and utter shock! Then he took it upon himself to announce to the whole room that I said yes, even though I was left totally speechless! Everyone started clapping and wishing us congratulations. It was all so surreal. During our grand, celebrated exit at this fine dining establishment (people still congratulating us BTW), I asked him what in the world all that was about. He said that in order to keep the reservations, he had to tell the host he was going to ask for my hand in marriage and tonight was the night. He gets an A for effort and creativity…but boy, did I turn as red as a plum! — Beautifulsoul

We decided to meet for dinner
and a movie. He was there before me and I had told him that I was starving and couldn’t wait to get something to eat. He told me that he wasn’t that hungry and just wanted to go to the movie (strike one). So, I told him that I’d just get something there to eat and I told him which movie I wanted to see. He agreed and ran to the passenger side of my car telling me that he’s “never been in a sports car before” (strike two). Halfway to the movies, he told me that he didn’t want to see the same movie as I did, he wanted to go to “the dollar show” to see something that I did not want to see. OK, now I’m stuck with him. (Stopped counting the strikes). So, we go into the theater… I bought myself my dollar ticket, a small popcorn and a small soda. When we got into the movie, he started to reach over and help himself to my popcorn and my soda! I couldn’t do it anymore, I finally cracked and told him all the stuff he did wrong and I told him to leave his grubby little hands off my stuff and that I was going home, and I left him there. He actually had the nerve to ask my friend to tell me that he wanted to go on a second date with me! — Rita

Our first date was his sister’s idea
. She had suggested to him that he take me to a local amusement park. I loved the idea when he asked me and was really looking forward to it. But I was really nervous about being on rides. I hadn’t been to an amusement park or on rides since I was a kid. When we got there we totally let our inner child out and had a blast. Then he suggested we go on one of the rides. I was petrified! I leaned into him in our little car and hung onto his arm. I thought, “I don’t care if he thinks I’m forward, I’m holding on!” That broke the ice and it was immediately comfortable and like we’d known each other longer. We’ve been together for 2 years and 8 months. — Anne

After communicating for a month
, we decided to meet in person. His profile implied he was a 40-year-old man; football build and tall. When I saw him, he was 65 and grey haired.

“The first thing he asked me was, “So what are you looking for in the next man?””

The first thing he asked me was, “So what are you looking for in the next man?” “Someone younger,” I replied. He got up and left. — Andrea

My first date with a man my mother “thought” she’d picked out for me
was just ordinary, a movie and popcorn. But when we got back to my house, he put his hands around my waist and told me he’d like to put me in a croaker sack and take me home and put me on his TV set. I was only 17, but that incensed me. I angrily told my mama about it and she laughed so hard she got the hiccups. “I knew he was the man for you,” she said. He must have been. We’ve been married 45 years now. — Janet

I had talked to this guy a few times
, and then we made plans to meet for lunch one day. Over the course of our phone calls, I had disclosed that I love big trucks, 4 x 4, double cabs, off road package…the more the better. This man had asked me why I loved them so much and I told him that I think they’re sexy and I think it’s sexy to be a tiny woman and to drive a big truck and he thought that was great. We met for lunch, hit it off really good and he told me that he was “pleasantly surprised” at how much he enjoyed lunch. He asked if I was busy for the rest of the day, and I wasn’t. He asked if I would like to go to some dealerships and look at “big trucks.” I would have never thought I could have so much fun truck shopping. We had such a good time that we then both went home and changed and went out for dinner and a movie later together. — Sharon

I went on a date with a co-worker
I’d known for a while. When we sat down at our table, I tried to discreetly spit my gum into my napkin. I missed, and it landed in my lap. Sigh. Later on, he reached his hand across the table (I thought he was going to caress my cheek) and pulled a piece of lettuce out of my hair. Believe it or not, we had more dates. — Joanne

Back in my 20s I responded to a personals ad in the paper
and met this gal at a bar. She loved to drink and so did the six friends she brought with her. She then told me about a car accident she was in and wanted me to feel a soft part in her skull. Boy, did I ever want to run for the hills. After awhile it was pretty clear that this was going nowhere fast and I excused myself and left. I walked down the street and decided to go hear some music. While in line I met another gal and we decided to go for a walk. We walked for hours all over Boston talking and then just said goodnight. A nice end to an odd evening. — Paul

Walking on Panama City Beach
after having fun at the amusement park, it started to rain. We spotted a little bridge over the beach and we get under it. Well, bet you can guess what happened after that. Eight months later, we were married. That was 32 years ago. — Don

My favorite toy store

I love finding out about a person by taking them to my favorite toy store
. So I met up for coffee with nice woman I had been talking to online for a while, and after a few cups I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. She said yes, so we began to walk past all the shops. When we came to the toy shop, I asked if she wanted to go in and we did. We began to look around at all the cool little items when she noticed a toy she had when she was younger. Seeing that toy, she began to tell me all kinds of stories of when she was a kid, and I showed her a bunch that I have had and told a few myself. It was fun going back in time and I got to see the kid in her. — Michael

When we met
, she kept saying over and over how she only went out with men who treated her to dinner on the first date, even though we had agreed just to meet for drinks for just one hour. After one round of drinks and one hour, I had seen and heard enough and told her I wanted to leave. She said fine, but before I could total up and leave, she grabbed the bartender and ordered two more drinks for herself — on my credit card, of course. The bartender looked at me as if to say, “What do you want me to do?” I told him just to put them on my tab and I left. – Steven

I had been speaking to a certain man for quite awhile
. He knew what nearby town I enjoyed, what type of food I liked, and what my profession was. He asked me out to dinner at an exclusive restaurant that was my favorite one in this particular town. We were having a great time, finished the meal, then he proceeded to say to me, “By the way, I didn’t tell you this before, but I hate (name of town), hate (type of food I liked) and hate (my profession).” Usually I am nice to people, but I looked at him and said, “This date is over, take me home.” He seemed confused and asked what was wrong. At least I got a good meal out of the evening. I didn’t talk the whole way home. I was thinking that he said those things because he wanted this date to end. Well, of all things he called me the next day to ask me out again. Of course, that never happened. — Gail

He invited me to a softball tournament
that he was playing in. I sat in the crowd with his entire family. They were so nice and treated me as if they had known me for years. In between games, he and I were sitting next to each other in lawn chairs, and I had that feeling that I was being stared at. I turned to look and there he was, staring at me. He asked if he could have a kiss, and I just smiled at him. He leaned in a little and whispered, “Meet me halfway.” Now, we are proud parents of two beautiful children and are coming up on our sixth wedding anniversary. And, in everything we do — parenting, scheduling, budgeting, chores and errands (and kissing too) — we still meet each other halfway. —


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