HTC Touch from Sprint.

I am a phone freak. I have had sprint now for 6 years with the same number too. I am attached to my number. I will keep it for life. I have always been a flip phone fan..I like the size and the ability to keep it in my pocket at all times but with the demands of life it is actually almost necessary that I get a Smartphone/PDA as I need to have access to my email at all times. I have some applications on my phone now that I can access it but its hard to read and not the same as being pushed to the phone.(Blackberry style)

This is the phone I want it is being released to sprint on the PCS side on November 4Th:

I actually prefer text over talk now. It is much more simple to use and easier to get right to the point with what you have to say so in my opinion it increases your personal productivity by saving you time and eliminating useless conversation.(in most cases)

I also just got my Military discount activated with sprint and they really do take care of people in the service, I get 25% off my total bill monthly which is awesome. I usually average about 800 minutes talk time a month and anywhere between 2000-2500 text messages a month. Sprint has the best data packages with broadband like speed right to your phone. I do not use the TV and Movie Features. I do not even watch TV on a big screen why would I want to squint to watch TV on my mobile? So what service do you have? Are you happy with it? Do you text message? Why don`t you switch to the only digital network built from the ground up? It`s the clear alternative to cellular…Ok, I am out of advertisement slogans LOL

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