The Wall Street in us all.

Have you ever wanted to be a day trader on wall street? I have! Have you ever just wanted to research a company and get in during their IPO (Initial Public Offering) and invest a good chunk of money and watch that company take off into a multi million dollar corp like Google is today? I have!

I found this website and they have a Stock Simulator game where they give you a set amount of play money and you can invest it any way you want to in REAL TIME.

I did not have an extra 100,000 laying around and that is what they start you off with so I decided to give it a shot. I`ll get my feet wet and then maybe throw some real money in the mix. Here is the cool part. I was able to start a public game where anyone can sign up and join me. So how about it? Are you up for the 6 figure challenge? If so join my game and lets see what we can do here. Do not be scared if you don`t know much about trading you can learn as you go it`s only play money and also sign up for their newsletter and investment word of the day…It`s really easy and it can really teach you a few things about the market and investing.

To join the game or read more about it click here : Julio`s 6 figure challenge – Join Now!

Now, After you join post a comment so I know when everyone has joined that wants to play and we can get it started…i left it as an open enrollment so people can join in at anytime but the more people that start at the same time the better for competitions sake but either way its a good learning tool. Have fun and good luck peeps….

My User Name in the Game is : Medina82

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