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A quick rant and rave.

by Julio Medina

I enjoy steak and shake. I like their food. It`s good classic American food. I have been there now dozens of times. My one complaint is that I have not ever been there one time where I got good service. The servers are always young kids (maybe high school) and they Just do not pay attention. I still find myself going back all the time because of the food. I am a huge fan of their Grilled Chick Salad w/ Fat Free Italian Dressing. But I would love that place even more and it could possibly become a favorite if I could just be served properly. If you know me then you know I am not that picky, I really like to leave good tips and I still do despite the service but….Come On!! Get some people that care about thier jobs! I always go somewhere and think well if this were my store or my restaurant etc, This is what I would do to improve it. If management everywhere did this our economy would be so much better. I am done now. LOL


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