Dog Bite

Wow yesterday was an eventful day. I went to a house in South Holland, IL ( Not the best area) When I got to the door a teenage kid came to the door, I asked if his mom was around so he said hold on and he closed the door. A few seconds later another kid came to the door to ask me who I was. I told him my name and where I was from next thing you know I heard a bark and a HUGE German Shepherd ran through the broken screen door and clamped down as hard as he could on my right calf!!I tried to kick him off me so i kicked his right leg, All it did was turn around and jump up and bite down on my left thigh. Bothe bruised and bled. So I called my boss. I had to go to an emergency clinic. They cleaned up. Put a butterfly on it, Gauze all that stuff and gave me a tetnus (sp?) shot. Then told me I have to file a report with the police. So i went to the police staion gave my statement and all that. I had to follow the cop to the house where I was bit. He went in and came back out and said she had no proof of any kind of vaccines or shots for the dog. Also no tags etc. So she was going to get alot of tickets from the city as well as her dog taken away. I left called the doctor back. he gave me an antibiotic, tylenol 3 and a really good pain killer but also old me I will more than likely need the rabies vaccine shot (There is a hug shortage due to the was in Iraq) It is 5 shots in the stomach. I said ok. I ave to follow up within 10 days. Well around 10:00 I got a phone call from a 708 Number. I never answer if I dont know the number but I did this time. it was the police department…Apparently before animal control went to pick up the dog there was a kid walking by that house and the dog ran out and bit this kids arm pretty good so they called me to come in and sign some stuff to deem the dog as a danger and vicious animal. WOW! what a crazy day! If you want more details call me and I will tell you the whole story. #1 I am not good at writing and #2 I just dont feel like typing. LOL 🙂 Thanks for your comments. I will keep you updated.

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