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Email Marketing is alive and well no matter what you have heard. Yes, we all hate spam. We’ve all been the heir to some throne in the middle of Africa somewhere and eligible to collect up to 10 MILLION DOLLARS just by cashing a bogus check and/or sending the real funds via Western Union. I’m […]

[Video] Goalcast – Never Complain with Robert Herjavec

"Life doesn't owe you anything." - Robert Herjavec

"Life doesn't owe you anything." - Robert Herjavec

Shark Tank is a favorite show for me. I love everything about it. While my favorite shark is Mark Cuban (hands down), I have respect for all the accomplishments the ‘sharks’ have worked for. Check out this awesome video where Robert Herjavec get’s interviewed. I love it. I love that statement. Life doesn’t owe anyone anything, and […]

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If this is your first time here, welcome. If you have been here before, welcome back! I LOVE product hunt. If you’re on product hunt, follow me. If you aren’t there yet, you should be! Today’s upvote for me is something so simple and so useful that I won’t have to write much about it. […]

[Video] Open Your World

Best Heineken Commercial EVER?

[Video] Open Your World

Heineken is not usually a choice for me if I’m having a beer. I’m not a huge beer fan and far from what most would consider to be a beer snob. But, I do love the taste of an ice cold coors light, lol. For the record, I am generally a Grey Goose and Cranberry […]