[Video] Goalcast – Never Complain with Robert Herjavec

"Life doesn't owe you anything." - Robert Herjavec

"Life doesn't owe you anything." - Robert Herjavec

Shark Tank is a favorite show for me. I love everything about it. While my favorite shark is Mark Cuban (hands down), I have respect for all the accomplishments the ‘sharks’ have worked for. Check out this awesome video where Robert Herjavec get’s interviewed. I love it. I love that statement. Life doesn’t owe anyone anything, and […]

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If this is your first time here, welcome. If you have been here before, welcome back! I LOVE product hunt. If you’re on product hunt, follow me. If you aren’t there yet, you should be! Today’s upvote for me is something so simple and so useful that I won’t have to write much about it. […]

[Video] Open Your World

Best Heineken Commercial EVER?

[Video] Open Your World

Heineken is not usually a choice for me if I’m having a beer. I’m not a huge beer fan and far from what most would consider to be a beer snob. But, I do love the taste of an ice cold coors light, lol. For the record, I am generally a Grey Goose and Cranberry […]

Zest.is Content Discovery Made Easy in Chrome

Discovered On Product Hunt

Zest.is Review

I am always looking for innovative ways to find relevant, curated content that I am actually interested in reading. That’s where Zest.is steps in. With a simple chrome extension, Zest.is takes over and makes it so that every time you open a new tab, you are brought to the Zest.is dashboard where you’ll see tiles of […]