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Back in 2013, one of the plans I had was to build out a bitcoin community forum. I bought the domain In the meantime, I created a Facebook group, because it was a really exciting time for the growth of BTC. Well, like a few of my other ideas I have had, I created the group, started working on the site but got busy with other projects and never finished it. Time went on, and I had forgotten to check the auto-renew box for the domain. It eventually expired, and I lost it! Well, fast forward to last month or so in the bitcoin world and of course, my interest was peaked again for the CryptoCurrency world.

I went to check on the domain and saw it was expired. I then wondered if it had been purchased and if anyone had taken action with it. I went to the domain and saw the person that bought it has it listed for sale for a cool $300,000.000! I was taken back for a second, and then, I thought to myself “good for them”. They saw an opportunity with an expired domain and are trying to make something of it.

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Once I stopped sulking over my lost domain, I did what I failed to do the first time around and took some positive action to make something happen. I revived the group that I started originally on Facebook and searched for an expired domain that was better suited for what I wanted to do originally. That is when I found and decided that was what I wanted, because after all the landscape in the CryptoCurrency world has changed quite a bit since 2013, I want to grow a community that goes beyond just Bitcoin. With how great Facebook has gotten with being able to manage groups, I don’t know that will even build out a forum. But I locked in the domain just in case, and this time, I made sure that auto-renew was checked.

I am excited to grow a community around CryptoCurrency, because I find it so interesting. There is some great potential with it for the longterm and short-term profit. We live in an information world. If you’re looking for a solid Bitcoin Forum, is the oldest and most valuable one that I have come across. If you know of another, leave it in the comments below. On a personal note: If you are new to CryptoCurrency or are a longtime holder, please join my community on Facebook and, let’s see it become the largest social media group about CryptoCurrency.

Lesson learned for me on checking on my domains and also just taking more swift action. Have you ever had a domain name slip away from you? I would love to hear about it. I hope you can learn from my error

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